How to open my site in desktop mode in mobile phone with amp?

I want to use the amp version, but my site Government Jobs is forced into desktop mode.

I would like to keep the view of the desktop theme (mode), but when activating the Amp plugin, it redirects me to the mobile theme(mode) as well as desktop theme but i don’t want this.

I want open my site in desktop theme (mode) in mobile phone as well as desktop mode in desktop with amp.

How to fix this problem.

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It seems your domain is not using Cloudflare. By that, your domain nameservers are not pointed to Cloudflare nameserver and also you do not use Cloudflare’s Real AMP URL option.

Moreover, there is an option AMP Real URL by Cloudflare helps you a lot (due to the fact of the need to setup a support for Signed Exchanges (SXG) at your host/origin), more about it you can read on the article below:

Are you using WordPress? If so, which plugin for the AMP?
Maybe this one?:

I recommend to you to make your Website to start using Cloudflare services by using a tutorial and guide from below article “how to”, or I am afraid you would need to figure it yourself out (can be complex and complicated).


Could be depend on the selected option in the Plugin Settings.

Due to the warning of partner hosted zone by Hostinger, you should as written, change any available options to you at your interface/panel provided by Hostinger.

Otherwise, I am afraid you would also need to contact Hostinger if there is an available option “AMP Real URL” to you?

To test AMP URLs, you would either need a device (mobile phone) with Google Chrome.
Or, using the tool below:


Thanks You So Much
I will contact Hostinger for available options of “AMP Real URL”.


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