How to obtain SSL certificate and Public key certificate in 4096 bit?


We are planning to cloudflare for our website however our banking partners are expecting to provide is the below technical details from our end,

  1. Static IP
  2. SSL certificate
  3. Public key certificate in 4096 bit

We researched regarding this to get these details however we are not getting the solutions for this. Could someone please guide me to get the below details to get the approval from our banking partnerts?

  1. It looks like our AWS server static IP will not be considered after enabling the proxied DNS for our domain and our domain will be delivered from the Cloudflare’s IP address. Here do we need to provide them the cloudflare IP or our AWS IP?

  2. Can we get any SSL certificate files if we enable the free SSL option from cloudflare?

  3. Where can we find the Public key certificate in 4096 bit?


Our Universal SSL key size is 2048 bit for RSA and ECDSA key is 256. ECDSA results in smaller key sizes making TLS faster and more scalable while providing better security than the default RSA based cryptography.

If you want to larger RSA key you can upload a custom certificate.

You can get a certificate directly from DigiCert or any major Certificate Authority.

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