How to not cache group of pages

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I have a group of pages of similar URLs, that I call external Javascript on. I need these pages to load the most up to date version of the JS each time, so I am trying to make sure that Cloudflare does not cache these pages.

These are a few of the pages with similar structure:

buybitcoinworldwide .com/de/bitcoin-clock/
buybitcoinworldwide .com/ru/bitcoin-clock/
buybitcoinworldwide .com/fr/bitcoin-clock/

Is the best way to get all of these not to cache to set the following?

Cache Level: Bypass


Please let me know if this is the correct approach or if I have a setting off.

Putting /*/ would probably be a better way to match, since it’s just the directory that’s changing.

Thank you so much for the response!

I will change that.

And so you’re saying

Cache Level: Bypass is the correct setting for what I want, correct?

Now that I’m reading it closer, are you concerned about the actual pages being cached? Cloudflare doesn’t cache HTML, unless you’ve set up a Cache Everything rule. If the external javascript is also in those bitcoin-clock directories, then you would need a * at the very end of the URLs as well so you match everything in those directories.

I’m not sure.

On the pages above like I’m calling JS like this

<script src=""></script>

I want to make sure that it’s being called each time and that this file isn’t being cached. Because this JS file is updated every 5min.

That JS file isn’t part of your domain, so you have no control over it. Though judging from the name servers, it may still be yours (just saw your update).

It’s not cached by Cloudflare, but you may have to be careful how the server handles it.

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I also own the domain of :slight_smile:

So I need to set caching settings on that domain? I have it setup with cloudflare too

What do you mean by this?

There are two other caches that aren’t Cloudflare: x-proxy-cache and x-cache. They’re on your web server, and one of them showed a HIT.

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