How to navigate to SSL/TLS

Support have advised me to navigate to SSL/TLS. I see no SSL/TLS app on site. How do I access SSL/TLS?

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It’s in the Cloudflare Dashboard for your account:

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Thanks. I don’t have that menu on my account.

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Thanks. Totally different view on my dash. No crypto.

Then it sounds like you’ve set up Cloudflare through a hosting partner. They will need to assist you with your SSL/TLS settings.

Who’s they? Cloudflare support?

How did you add your site to Cloudflare? Can you post a screenshot of your dashboard?

Additionally to what @sdayman asked, what do you get when you open and select your domain?

Hi Sandro

Thanks for your reply. When I click on the link you included I get this. No sign of a ‘Crypto’ tag.

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You need to select the domain.


Ah yes. Many thanks Sandro.

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