How to move from CloudFront to Cloudflare?

Hey All!

Our website has been using AWS EC2 and Route 53 with CloudFront for many years. We are considering moving from CloudFront to Cloudflare. We are using subdomains to segment out targeting users in different countries.

Before making a decision, we have a few questions:

  1. Are there any relevant guides or manuals that explain the details of moving from CloudFront to Cloudflare? We want to minimize the chance of making mistakes.

  2. Can CloudFront specify the country’s geographical location of the subdomain’s IP/DNS/CDN? No matter what country the visitor is currently in. For examples: → France. → Germany. → Korea. → Hong Kong.

  3. This is a big deal for us. Is there anything else we haven’t expected? We want a smooth transition and ensure we don’t create issues with SEO or users’ visits.

Thank you all!

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