How to modify my profile information? (Address, Name, ect.)

Hello, Where I need to go to change my profile data (not email or password) .
I need to change Company Name, Address and zip code.

Thank You!

That sounds like something under Billing. In my Cloudflare Dashboard, I have a Billing link under my Profile icon (upper right corner). My name and address are attached to my payment method, accessible by clicking on the wrench :wrench:

I can´t see the wrench under My Profile / Billling option… :frowning:

It should be part of your current payment method. For me, it’s tied to my credit card. If you’re using some other method, this might not apply.

How are you seeing your current company name and address?

My payment method is Paypal.
I don’t see anywhere how to change my data: Company name and address. :frowning: