How to modify an A record value from the API?

Hello there,

I’d like to know how to modify an A record value into my zone, I got an HTTPError code 403 (Forbidden), but I couldn’t figure out why I can reach the zone information but I am not able to change a value.

My current custom token looks like the following (screen capture attached to this ticket)

Thank you in advance.

I couldn’t figure out the issue yet.


Did you check the response? Are you sure you did not get this message?

You cannot use this API for domains with a .cf, .ga, .gq, .ml, or .tk TLD (top-level domain). To configure the DNS settings for this domain, use the Cloudflare Dashboard.

The permissions should be fine.

Hello Sandro,

Thanks so much for the feedback my domain ends in .tk but I didn’t receive that response, sounds weird.

That means I’m not able to use the API with those domains you described, what’s the reason Cloudflare doesn’t allow me to do that?


I guess you did not evaluate the response, hence it was not displayed.

Anyhow, these domains are free domains and are typically used by abusers, hence Cloudflare introduced that restriction.


Thanks for the quick update, make sense for me and I suspected it might be related to free domains and abusers.

I’d like to make automatic tasks in-home and also develop them and I decided to do it without spending so much money.

It’s sad but I can live with the idea if Cloudflare decides don’t help me whitelisting my domain.


As long as you don’t need to change the DNS records via the API your domain will work fine. If you really need to use the API, I’d advise to get a “proper” domain. .coms go for $10 a year.


Got it, yes, the domain works as you said I just worked on a ddns application for my home to update my home IP every 1 hour.

I gonna try to find out another alternative, then.


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