How to modify "A and CNAME" records for any other websites besides my domain

Some body please help regarding the problem as mentioned in the files attached.

How to update A and CNAME in Cloudflare dashboard for

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It looks like they need to verify whether the exact DNS records are in place.

But due to how Cloudflare works, once you proxy :orange: the subdomain, DNS lookup will return Cloudflare IP address (A and AAAA records) in order to hide your real DNS records.

So, try to unproxy :grey: the DNS record first.

Dear erictung,

The cloudflare support staff says that my issue had been resolved, but I am getting the same error messages as depicted in the earlier files attached with this post.
I have proxied the records mentioned in the attached file, but it does not worked . Will it take more time. Please help.


It looks like @ is unproxied, so that’s good, but the IP address doesn’t match the one in their instructions.

And the CNAME for ‘www’ is still set to :orange:. It should be :grey: DNS Only.

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