How to migrate website to new Cloudflare account

Hi Community!

I could use your help - i have a website ( hosted at account A where the DNS records is:
These settings are active at my hostmaster. The website is working fine.

I have made a new account on Cloudflare (account B), because the client i am hosting for needs access to Cloudflare to setup new records every now and then for the website, and i don’t want them to have access to all the other websites i have on account A.
Account B now have the website all setup just like on account A, and i’ve gotten the new nameservers i should point it is:

Here’s the problem
When i try to change the nameservers to the ones on account B, my hostmaster keeps on pointing to the ones at account A.
I’ve followed the steps in this article:
But i got no results - should i disable the website on account A and then try to change the DNS?

Would appreciate your help on this matter.

Best Regards
Kenneth A.

Hello @kenneth!

Disabling or removing the zone on account A wouldn’t change anything, when you’re pretty sure that the configuration of the domain are both exactly the same, you just need to change the NS records at your registar to make them pointing to the new pair provided by Cloudflare in the account B.

When the new NS will be replicated all over the world, the domain on the account A should change for the status “Moved Away” and the one in the account B should be activated.

What’s the zone you’re trying to move here?

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HI Stephane,

Thanks for your reply.

As mentioned, i’ve tried doing it, but it keeps on pointing to account A’s even though i’m replacing the nameservers with the ones from account B. It is like the domain is not yet created on the nameservers of account B.

The zone is

Thanks for your reply.


Your domain is still pointing to the old NS:

What’s your registrar?

True :slight_smile: But every time they ping the location of the domain at Cloudflare they see it on account A, so the old ones, and won’t change it to the ones on account B, even though i ask them to in their system.

The registrar is:

I don’t really understand what

means and how even they can (requesting directly the actual NS records?).
They just need to switch the NS records for the domain on their end, that’s it. Don’t know what their interface looks like but normally you should be able to change them by your own, no?

I’m afraid that it’s not a Cloudflare issue but more something you need to sort out on your registrar side.


I have the exact same problem with the same registrar. ( Tried to change nameservers on their end from another Cloudflare account to another account servers. Their self service system just keeps the old nameservers and won’t change to new. It looks like they see all Cloudflare nameservers as the same even if they are on different accounts.

I contacted dk-hostmaster support and they say it’s an issue with Cloudflare. The exact reply was:

I can inform You, the error You’re experiencing is because Your provider Cloudflare hasn’t put the requested nameservers up correctly.

The ones You request is pointing to the nameservers, which You’re already using.

DK-Hostmaster is a Central Registry for the user rights of .dk-domainnames, and as such, we offer no support on nameservers.

This needs to be fixed via Cloudflare. Other customers has experienced the same issue, and it was solved through Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is always welcome to contact our technical department for help via [email protected].

The error is not anything You can solve Yourself.

I have previously migrated from one account to another successfully many times but not with DK domains.

Thanks for requesting a solution to this @lauri.merisaari. Great you included dk-hostmaster’s reply.

I still have the issue and would like to request a solution to this - Cloudflare?

Hope we can get a solution to this soon.

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We have the same issue, with the same registrar.

I created my account and started adding DNS entries in preparation for the nameserver move.

DK Hostmaster will not redelegate from account A ( to account B (

I’m working actively with the account holder for account A on this. He has removed the zone from his account, I have removed and re-added the zone on my account - but ali still responds that jeff is the nameserver for our zone.

We couldn’t fix this from the outside, using the tools available through the website.

In the end, we got in touch with Cloudflare support and they fixed it manually for us.

This seems to be an open bug, acknowledged or not.