How-to Migrate DNS Policies?

I keep getting emails from Cloudflare telling me to “migrate your DNS policies.” The messages contain a link on how to create (New) DNS policies but no information about how to migrate my existing policies.

Could you perhaps screenshot this email, blurring out or censoring personal info? I’ve never seen an email talk about dns policies.

If it’s Teams Gateway, there may have been a change since it was first set up.

Yes, Teams Gateway. Here’s the email:

but there is no ‘Migrate’ button on the DNS (New) tab:

And the links to the documentation in both the email and the DNS (New) tab both point to a page that does not mention anything about migrating policies.

Ah, ha! I just went to look at mine and got this. It says I need to re-create them. So, here I go…(just started…it’s a pain in the butt)

Hi @ucdscott you can migrate your policies by creating analogous rules in the DNS (New) tab. You can, but aren’t required to, delete your legacy DNS policies. Rules created in the DNS (New) tab take precedence over the legacy DNS policies to make migration easier.

If you have a complicated deployment or have questions about how to migrate your policies, there’s a Calendly link in that email where you can sign up for Product Office Hours–I’ll be happy to walk through migrating your policies with you if you have the time.

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I’ve done most of my migration, but I’m stuck on this. And now it won’t let me save this one rule. That error popped up early in the process, and never went away.

@sdayman can I see the full rule? I can’t repro.

Using the verb “migrate” is disingenuous. It implies there is a mechanism to ease the transition, when in fact, there isn’t and rules must be re-created from scratch.

If I have to re-create the rules, just say as much. Attempting to gloss over shortcomings with deceptive language doesn’t build trust.