How to migrate custom domains to Cloudflare?

I want to switch over to Cloudflare but not sure how to do so in my case, without breaking anything.

I have a domain as well as wildcard subdomains pointing {id} to{id}.

However, my customers have their own domains which are pointing to mine through ALIAS records.

They create an ALIAS record for pointing to, of which I use dynamic NGINX virtual hosts to point them accordingly.

Does Cloudflare support this (on the free plan)?

There’s a couple hundred of these custom domains, would they be able to keep the ALIAS record there?

Or would I have to contact them to update their records - and have them create an A Record pointing to the Cloudflare IPs?


Not to a :orange: Proxied hostname. If you want customers to be able to alias to proxied subdomains, you would need at least a Business Plan.

Thanks for the response.

So on the Business plan, that would mean an unlimited number of custom domains can be pointed to through ALIAS records? Or is there a limit

If I were to use the Pro plan, could the same result be achieved, though with A Records instead of ALIAS?

This process always throws me off. I believe the Business Plan “CNAME Setup” is just for your own domain. I’m reviewing Understanding a CNAME Setup – Cloudflare Help Center right now.

For a full-on “Bunch of customers aliasing to your subdomains” setup, I’m pretty sure you’ll need an Enterprise Plan, which is what major sites like Shopify do. Naturally, it’s a ton of money to let hundreds (or thousands+) of customers use your Cloudflare setup in this manner.


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