How to match wildcard for jpg, png and folder

Question: 1
inside my files i have

inside assets folder has jpg, png and js which i only need the correct way to wildcard only jpg and png

Question 2:
I have

inside avatar folder there are images but with different names, all end with .jpg
i tried**

Which is the correct one?
Thanks !


Thank you for asking:

In a single one (jpg and png both ends with g) to catch both from “assets” and “avatars” to be “jpg” or “png”:*.*g

Or split in two Page Rules (if possible) to catch both “jpg” and “png” in “assets” along with “avatars”:*.jpg*.png

Try with:*.jpg

But, that’s 3 Page Rules in total (maxed out for a Free plan).
Do you also want png in avatars or just jpg? :thinking:

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i will try*.*g

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Right, in a single one as it would catch both “jpg” and “png” in “assets/” and “assets/avatars/”.

Tested, it’s working in a single Page Rule:

This was the best assistant! Thank you. God bless :pray:

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