How to mask my public IP with another

Hello friends, my question is the following, I need a service that masks my public IP, let me explain, I need a service whose internet name masks my address, so that users see a number and an IP that is not really the mine and at the same time if they try to resolve the name the IP of the service appears and not mine, what service or product does Cloudflare have for this?

Are you talking about your personal device’s IP address, or the IP address of your server?

Hello, I mean my Public IP, I want people who access a service from an app to not see my real public IP but another, something like an intermediary

Cloudflare’s standard proxy service does this, but it’s really for websites. Some use it fir light duty API type service in addition to an existing website. Anything beyond that scope would need an Enterprise plan for tons of money.

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