How to map a SSL subdomain to a Amazon S3 Bucket


I want to create a bucket on Amazon S3 and map it to a secure subdomain.

I found a helpful Cloudflare article that describes how to map an Amazon S3 Bucket to a cloudflare subdomain.

However that does not talk about SSL or SSL Certificates at all.

How do I for eg. create a bucket that maps to Do I need to buy the $5/month or $10/month SSL Certificate from Cloudflare. And how do I setup/configure the SSL Certificate?

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One more query for the same topic- I want only the CloudFlare based HTTPS subdomain to be able to access the files in the Amazon S3 Bucket? For that do I set up the correct rule at Amazon S3, or at Cloudflare, or at both S3 and Cloudflare?

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You dont necessarily need any of those certificates, the free universal one should do just fine.

General rule of thumb, first make sure your server (Amazon in this case) works, without Cloudflare, as expected (responding to the the right domain, having a proper SSL setup, and so on) and exactly as you will want it eventually with Cloudflare. Once that configuration is in place, simply activate Cloudflare and in close to 100% of the cases you dont have to do anything else (except for Cloudflare specific recommendations, like limiting your server to Cloudflare requests).


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