How to manage my subdomain

I have a domain with many subdomains.
But in the DNS sections I didn’t understand how to manage the single subdomains.

For example:
Can I manage different MX for every subdomains?

Thanks for support.

If you have email addresses at, then you can add MX records for those as well:

Just change the to what ever mail server that handles mail for that subdomain.

thanks for your reply.

BU my subdomain is, now I’ll create a different mx like
It’s correct?

Your mail host should have told you which mx server they configured for email to that subdomain.

In my DNS manager for the domain father, if I didn’t set mx for subdomain the mx is the father mx record?

If you don’t set an MX record for a subdomain, then you can’t use email addresses @ the subdomain.

I use the email for the subdomain, but I don’t see where is mx set.

Please re-read my original response.

I tested a subdomain email and works, but I don’t understanfd how to manage them.
Please help me to resolve this problem.


You only asked about managing MX records. What else are you working on with subdomains?

I’d recommend against using a wildcard (*) for any DNS entries, as it passes too much random traffic to those servers.

You’ve probably also seen a warning on your DNS screen about your server’s IP address being exposed. This is due to that first wildcard entry. Cloudflare also doesn’t protect websites using wildcard DNS entries.

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