How to make your site end-to-end secure


I am new to cloudflare, I was going through the documentation on how to set up end to end ssl encryption.

I cannot make that work.

  1. i have added my domain to cloudflare
  2. i have a simple server setup (dummy for now) and i have nginx running with a simple index page.
  3. ***My domain shows the index page if i select Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible
    but when i move to Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full i am not able to see my web-page.

I created a new origin certificate for my domain.(ECDSA)
I stored the certificate as .pem file, and the private key as .key file.
I also concatenated the pem file with the origin_ca_ecc_root.pem.

I have added those to the right nginx path and enabled ssl on nginx.
And i still cant get the web-page to work in full end-to-end mode.

Can someone please help me understand if i made a mistake or skipped a step?
Any help is appreciated.

From your explanation, it doesn’t sound like you missed a step.
Do you have a tutorial that you follow along with, so we know which exact steps you should have taken?
Before I switched to a shared host I have used this tutorial: Techrepublic: How to enable SSL on Nginx
Which worked for me with the Full option on Cloudflare.

This is the doc i followed.

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