How To Make URL Appear Properly?


Am I able to ask if anyone knows how to help me get my URL to display the way I want?

my site works at (but notice it says Not Secure). I’m certain I have an SSL attached through Cloudflare, unless I"m mistaken?

I want the URL to appear as - though, anytime someone types in my URL, in any way - Either as or as or

Lol, is this possible? and how?

Thank you so much! :smiley:

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It’s IPFS, so I’m not sure how much of this actually applies, but:

  1. Go to SSL/TLS → Edge Certificates in and enable “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”
  2. Rules → Page Rules (add new) → Match* and add setting Forwarding URL (301) to$1

If you want to appeare in exact capital/lower cases I do not think so it is possible. However if you want to redirect use sdayman solution


Thank you! I already had step 1 like that - so I tried step 2 and unless I did it incorrectly, I was getting a few errors and it wouldn’t let me make the change. I already a similar rule set up and everything was the same except for it was set to 302 instead of 301. So I changed it to 301 and there is no difference, at least not yet. I suppose it might take time for the URLs to update and reflect the change.

Capitalization doesn’t matter and it’s fine really, not a big deal to change. The main concern I do have though is the way currently says its not secure even though I set up SSL. If I could change that to show the padlock like the other variations of the URL do, I would be happy with that!

Anything else I could try, or perhaps just wait for now? :smiley:

Still unable to get to appear as secure. I have the settings set as suggested. Anything else to try? Should this be possible somehow? It’s my main domain name.


Do you also have a certificate on your server? In other words, did your site load fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare?

Hi, thank you for the reply :slight_smile:
I’m not exactly sure what you mean, however. My site does load as ‘secure’ when I type in the following

The only time I see the URL load as NOT secure is when I type in

Any reason for this, or any way I can fix it? I’m not sure how else to test. Thanks again!

Whether you have a certificate installed on your server?

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

I’m pretty new to all this yet and still learning. :innocent:

I am pretty sure I have an SSL installed on my server (otherwise, wouldn’t the not work?)

Here’s a few pictures of my SSL settings, I’m hoping they might help. I’m not sure what you mean or how to check on my ‘encryption mode’ - can I send a screenshot of that as well?


No, because that’s only the proxy certificate

For starters, you should change that to “Full strict” an check if you get a 526 error.

Not sure what proxy certificate means either but I can look into that to learn more.

I have set my site to ‘Full Strict’ but there seems to be no change, and no error as far as I can tell. still shows as ‘not secure’ however. Not sure if this made any difference, unless it takes time to propagate?

It’s IPFS, so it’s uncharted territory for me. I believe hers is hosted by Pinata, though I don’t think that matters since it’s IPFS.

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Not that I’d even know how to spell that, but isn’t the issue that the naked domain simply isn’t proxied, hence the settings won’t apply either? @breekatt, can you switch the naked domain from :grey: to :orange:? That should do the trick.

Yes! I pin my HTML files to Pinata and my IPFS desktop node. Also, my domain registrar is bought on Dynadot, though I have my nameservers set to Cloudflare. (apologies for not mentioning)

How do I switch the naked domain from :grey: to :orange:? I really have no idea what that means. But I’m willing to try anything that I can. :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please check out as well as #tutorials. These questions are all covered there.

Ook no problem, but :grey: to :orange: are icons so kinda confusing to know what exactly I’m looking for. What even are those loll, I will do my best. o.o

For anyone else (reading this) who may need help with the same issue as me - I assume/hope this is the tutorial we need?: Step 3: Enabling the 'Orange Cloud'

If that is the tutorial I needed to follow in order to change :grey: to :orange: then I’m really at a loss because the cloud that I had under ‘proxy status’ was already set to orange. Starting to think it’s hopeless to get my URL to appear as secure haha? Maybe I could try to contact Cloudflare directly perhaps, not sure if they would reply. :shushing_face:

Hi @breekatt,

From this reply, I believe it’s not possible for you to do this yourself on an IPFS site. Cloudflare would have to do this manually.

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Thanks for the reply and I really appreciate everyone trying to help me solve this!!

To be clear, there is nothing else to be done on my side of things? Not sure what 'Cloudflare would have to do this manually" means, exactly…? Perhaps if I contact them to ask about this, they can help me manually fix the issue? Haha! I’m trying to understand, forgive me.

Suppose it’s not a super huge issue as I can still use the other address configurations, I only wish it would work on the main domain ( so visitors know their connection to my site is secure.