How to make the deployment work in the golang application?

Hey there, I just want to say that I am trying to deploy a Golang application from my github to Cloudflare. Although the site is running on localhost perfectly with no
errors but the site is taking so much time to deploy. I don’t know why. Here is the log file data:

Here is the github site link:

2023-12-05T05:56:43.193314839Z	Cloning repository... 2023-12-05T05:56:44.413916343Z	From 2023-12-05T05:56:44.414412561Z	 * branch            d44ed8cef9a1343a9dd19252ec201242daa30951 -> FETCH_HEAD 2023-12-05T05:56:44.414557654Z	 2023-12-05T05:56:44.49388659Z	HEAD is now at d44ed8c moved the index.html to static 2023-12-05T05:56:44.494415152Z	 2023-12-05T05:56:44.607127361Z	 2023-12-05T05:56:44.641711493Z	Success: Finished cloning repository files 2023-12-05T05:56:45.475386015Z	Detected the following tools from environment:  2023-12-05T05:56:45.476243576Z	Executing user command: go run main.go 2023-12-05T05:56:45.800996966Z	go: downloading go1.21.4 (linux/amd64) 2023-12-05T05:56:53.934349186Z	go: downloading v1.17.0 2023-12-05T05:56:53.935687864Z	go: downloading v2.0.0-20160411212932-81ebce5c23df 2023-12-05T05:56:54.403895994Z	go: downloading v1.6.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.406293276Z	go: downloading v1.5.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.406808448Z	go: downloading v0.1.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.4449995Z	go: downloading v1.10.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.445875295Z	go: downloading v1.5.1 2023-12-05T05:56:54.453272855Z	go: downloading v1.0.5 2023-12-05T05:56:54.545860655Z	go: downloading v1.6.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.547422598Z	go: downloading v1.0.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.560512049Z	go: downloading v1.67.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.573960129Z	go: downloading v1.8.7 2023-12-05T05:56:54.61662287Z	go: downloading v2.1.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.617089656Z	go: downloading v3.0.1 2023-12-05T05:56:54.656467988Z	go: downloading v0.12.0 2023-12-05T05:56:54.719377944Z	go: downloading v0.13.0 2023-12-05T05:57:09.39739696Z	Starting the server at port: 8000

Here is the screenshot of the information that I have provided with the environment variables.

Screenshot from 2023-12-05 11-04-49

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