How to make subdomain settings?


After moving CDN to Cloudflare, my old subdomain pages stopped working. I selected “A” in the DNS record settings and wrote the “IP” address of the server. But; Subdomains still cannot be reached. For example, is still closed.

There are many subdomains under Why should I add these from the DNS section?

Thank you. redirects to Cloudflare (likely you have set “Always use HTTPS” on). redirects to at your origin server.


Therefore you have redirects that point at each other. You need to remove one (the one on your origin server most likely as you want to use HTTPS).

I could not fully understand. How exactly do I do it?


I am seeing the error to many redirects. Can you please try this guide to make sure you do not have SSL mode flexible set.


As we will try to make the request to your origin on http:// instead of https which can lead to a redirect issue if you are redirecting http to https on the origin/hosting provider level.

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