How to make "sites" visible to all (invited) (Superadmin) Accounts


I’m new to CF and created an account (named: A (initial account)) and invited a few other accounts from this account, with Super Administrator role. Then I created as one of the invited user (named: B) a site with a domain. This domain / site is not listed on “Websites” on the "initial account (A). Also I created as A a site, with an added domain and this is not visible as account B.

I would expect, that every account which has Super Administrator role for all domains, would see all added sites / websites.

What I’m missing ?

cu denny

That’s not the case. An invited user will see the domains in the account / org to which they were invited when they select that account from the dashboard homepage. Their own accounts don’t become visible to others, nor do the accounts of the org which they were invited to show up under their own account.

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Hi @cscharff

hmm, not sure, if I understand 100%, so what is the path for an company / organization to manage several sites ? Also, what to do with a site (and a tld domain), which was added as an invited account. Should I remove it from this account and add again from the “top” account ?

cu denny

ok, the part with choose / select the account now is clear, but where is the difference with sharing the credentials (besides, that this account can have its own settings / sites etc. pp.) ?

Beyond shared credentials being a beyond horrible idea?

My supposition is you’re anticipating Cloudflare’s UX to mirror the myriad of other B2B SaaS platforms where a company creates an instance and users are invited to it. That is not how Cloudflare was born and so it’s UX is in many ways fundamentally different based on that.

Cloudflare was initially launched as a way for anyone to easily use a CDN to improve the performance of their website. That led to some interesting design choices. Some of which were revolutionary, some quirky and some that I refuse to discuss because they cause night terrors. With probably > 98% of their user base being individual users and not businesses or corporations with multiple users managing zones that isn’t what they optimized for.

If you need/want an org which is separate from your account you can look at an Enterprise plan. Ultimately users will still have their own accounts and can/could add zones to them, but there’s a nominally separate entity/account/org. For the vast majority of Cloudflare’s customers that is ultimately a distinction w/o a difference though.


nobody likes to share credentials :-), but many services are not able to handle this, like a Top admin with subaccounts and the same “view”. But anyway … I understood, that I have to add the sites always from the initial account and set the required perms to the individual accounts. Only things like … edit the existing domain group, I did not found yet.

cu denny

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