How to make my website point to a specified port on the origin server

I need to know how I can make my website point to a specified port on the origin server, I have disabled cloudflare proxying on the website, but I do not want the origin IP of the server to be visible publicly.
Is there any way to do this?

I believe this depends what kind of type of, for example a Web server, are you running at your origin host/server?
Usually, this is done at the origin host/server where you make your app or domain listen over the specified port.

Regarding compatible supported ports when :orange: cloud (proxy mode is Enabled), for example you can have your app working over port 2083 or some other listed from he article below which is supported and the hostname (DNS record) can be set to :orange: which hides your origin IP and the app is still working, kindly see below article:

Maybe the below articles could help here - of course, if having multiple Websites on the same server, which they all can be over port 443 (each of them has it’s own vhost file), while per need you can create a separate vhost file for your app to be over served your desired port like 2083:

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