How to make known robots (baidu robots) visit?

Hello everyone
My website uses Cloudflare dns. I found that google robots can be accessed normally, but baidu robots prompt “socket read and write errors” when accessing.

So I created firewall rules.

Then I found that baidu robots access 172...245 normally, but when accessing another ip of the domain name (104...134), it occasionally succeeds and occasionally fails.

If you know the reason, please tell me, thank you

Hello there!

I recommend you to follow our recommendations here:

A request’s cf.bot_management.verified_bot value is a boolean indicating whether such request comes from a Cloudflare allowed bot. Cloudflare has built an allowlist of good, automated bots, e.g. Google Search Engine, Pingdom, and more.

Baidu is in the known bots list. As you reported, the source IP can be not the expected by us.

If you continue to facing that issue, please open a support ticket.

Take Care!

Thank you for your help. I analyzed it carefully. It should be related to the network. The wrong request IP from baidu robots comes from the China Unicom computer room.

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