How to make HTTPS only

How to make HTTPS site enabled
Hello, I have already completed by Cloudflare setup for my website and it is now active. While setting it up, I did not select HTTPS only and it is left to off. Now that it is set up, I want to turn it to ON. Can you please help me with that?

It’s in SSL/TLS -> Edge Certificates.


Perfect Sir. I have another question please, I just activated my website on Cloudflare, how long it will take to show results. I asked this question because, on GTMETRIX, before Cloudflare, the Grade is E, even after Cloudflare setup, it is E.

Once the name servers delegation of your registrar update (after you changed it to the name servers Cloudflare told you to change to) at the relevant delegating DNS servers, any fresh query will go through Cloudflare.

However, if you’re checking via some tool that has a local DNS cache of the old name->IP resolution, the cache needs to expire (this depends on the TTL - Time To Live value of the old record, at the time it was queried). Once the cache is expired, another lookup will happen by the tool, and then the fresh result will be received, and the following HTTP(S) request will go through Cloudflare.

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Thank you, I am not sure about how long do they hold till then. Do you think if i clear my browser cache, it will work?

No, browser cache is about content, and also, it’s GTMETRIX’s cache that you want expired.

To know the maximum time you will need to wait, you can use a DNS diagnostic tool to query the OLD DNS Servers for the domain name you used on GTMETRIX, and check the TTL value (it’s in seconds)

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Okay, Thank you so much

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