How to make dns records to auto update

My ssl certificates are autoupdating by creating new txt records with confirmation keys, unfortunately, with Cloudflare everything breaks and i have to manually add them on the Cloudflare’s dns server, so my question:
How to make Cloudflare autouodate dns txt records from my dns server? like he did it when first time setting it up

Context? How are you generating SSL certificates? Are you using LetsEncrypt / certbot? There’s a plugin certbot-dns-cloudflare that allows certbot to use Cloudflare for DNS-based authentication. You’ll have to go in your Cloudflare account and generate an API token for it.

Have you read the documentation for this “ISP Manager” tool or contacted their support to see if they even have functionality to do DNS-based authentication via Cloudflare’s API? If you don’t need a wildcard certificate you could also try doing HTTP-based authentication instead of DNS-based.

If you can’t get it working with that tool, look into the possibility of using a more normal/supported tool such as Certbot with the certbot-dns-cloudflare plugin

I am using an ISP system “ISP Manager” that automatically genertates let’s encrypt certs

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