How to make CloudFlare ignore Jetpack Like Button on WordPress?


Rocket Loader module of Cloudflare seems to be interfering with the Jetpack Like button on WordPress.

For the Rocket Loader module to ignore asynchronously loading the Jetpack Like Button javascript, certain parameters need to be set for that script. The following resources explain it but I am afraid, it does not provide the specific code for ignoring Jetpack Like button.

  2. Controlling Cloudflare Rocket Loader for WordPress | WordPress Dreams

If this assessment seems right, could someone here please help with the corresponding code to insert in functions.php file such that Rocket Loader ignores the Jetpack Like button script from loading asynchronously?

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@backpackingseries we have seen a report of this previously and we’re considering if there’s a workaround here. For now keep Rocket Loader disabled for pages with this like button and I’ll update you when we know more.

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Thank you for your response.

Look forward to the update.

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