How to make changes to list of allowed IPs?

I’ve just posted a comment, but the topic was closed on the grounds that it was the same of another post. This other post, though, was about an updating of an IPs list that Cloudflare had been late in doing, or so the post said, while mine was asking information on how to perform a certain task requested by a Cloudflare email I received. It does involve IPs but the question is entirely different.

Here it is:


I have received from Cloudflare the following email:

"Cloudflare is making infrastructure changes to simplify customer configuration, and reduce the number of IPv4 addresses that could potentially interact with your origin on Cloudflare’s behalf.

If your security model relies on allowing a list of trusted Cloudflare IPs from (or via API) on your origin, please make the following changes to your allow list by May 7, 2021 . This change is safe to make today.



This change delists the prefix, which is no longer in use by Cloudflare infrastructure. These addresses will be repurposed for use with our Gateway and WARP (secure web gateway and VPN) products, and may carry traffic from untrusted sources in the future."

Can you please tell me how I can do that on my account?

Thank you.

You may have noticed comments to the effect that this does not affect 99% of Cloudflare users. Their comment of “If your security model relies on allowing a list of trusted Cloudflare IPs” should ring some bells. If not, then you can safely ignore this message.


Thank you.

All the best

Enza Ferreri


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