How to make an sub email

Hello i need help how can i make an sub email exmaple “[email protected]

With Cloudflare Email Routing, just go to the page then there will be Create Address and you enter the address you want/

yes i did but how can i send email with “[email protected]

Cloudflare Email Routing does not offer the option to send from any of the created addresses.

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I was running a postfix mail server on a home machine, but my aspiration is to move everything that is required 24/7 out to the cloud.

This beta email service is very good, because it’s a really simple way to catch all domain related email to a small group of users.

Probably I’ll setup a SMTP service on either every machine I use or perhaps on a local low power device. There are also services such as mail jet (that I have used in the past) which you can use to send email from custom domains, they had a free tier for low volume testing or home.

Email has become quite tricky, and the consequences of getting blacklisted are significant, so I think it’s understandable that Cloudflare has chosen to give us half a solution, which is better than none, and for many people everything they need.

I think it’s an excellent inclusion and a natural fit for DNS and backend support services.

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