How to make a whitelist for URLs with methods

I have a list of links that the client can follow
link1, link2…
Each link can be accessed using certain HTTP methods.
It is necessary to block requests that do not meet the criteria:
If host != and url != link1 and method != method for link1 → BLOCK
Therefore, a request that meets these criteria should proceed further
All this can be implemented through custom rules, BUT the length of the expression is almost 20k characters
What to do?

You can use a Bulk Redirect Rule that references a Bulk Redirect List to send them to a block page:
if method != AND http.request.full_uri in $blockers

With a Pro plan, you get 500 URLs.

Or you could code up a fancy Worker.


correct me if I understood incorrectly. I create my own blocking page and set up a rule that redirects to this page?

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