How to make a Subdomain in Cloudflare

Hi there. I have a question, explained as follows:

  1. I just transferred my domain name hosting to Cloudflare (ex.
  2. now I want to create a subdomain like:

Problem: I don’t know how to do this in Cloudflare; I am used to always having my domain and hosting in one place like Bluehost that usually has cpanel to make creating subdomains easy.

Question: I need help with simple clear instructions on how to create a subdomain successfully.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I should also add that I am a bit confused because although my domain has transferred to Cloudflare it looks like it still exists in the cpanel of the hosting I transferred the domain from. So technically, I could still login into my cpanel and create a subdomain there. But it doesn’t seem like the correct thing to do. I bit confused because my domain is actually on Cloudflare now.

Since you are using a shared hosting and have a CPanel, create your subdomain in CPanel first (for the web-server part). Then in your Cloudflare panel add a CNAME like this:

CNAME mysubdomain is an alias of Automatic (orange icon)

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