How to make a single page as http from https?

My website is having full ssl enabled. But one page on website I need as http a non secure page.
I have tried redirect, page rule but those make error of too many redirects.
Please help me to achieve this?

That should be Full Strict.

How come?

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Well one page that need as http is the live audio streaming page. It is the limitation of product that works on http protocol than https. That is why just that one live streaming page I need to redirect to http from https.

Do we have some option to do that?

I’d honestly place that entire service on a separate hostname and unproxy that. Otherwise you might just get your account suspended for a violation of 2.8. You are not supposed to run audio streaming over the proxies.

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You can always use a page rule to set SSL to Off, but I’d really advise against that.

That’s good idea of new hosting without proxy.
If I do that then is there any violation of policy or not?

I used that feature but it didn’t working for me. It says too many redirects error.

No, as long as the record is :grey: you’ll be fine.

You probably have an HTTPS redirect on your server. But I’d really just unproxy the record.

Thanks. Will bring new hostname and mapped to it

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