How to load worldwide similar loading time

I have a wordpress webisite from Namecheap.
The server location is in Austin Texas.
The nearest pingdom tools sever is San Francisco.
That loading time is around 350 mS.
I activated Cloudflare and added the page rule cashing level => everything.
However, I get loading times Australia Sydney of more than 2 seconds.
Even just Europe UK London is 2,25 seconds.
My Wordpress website template was custom made any only like three plugins are activated.
Homepage size is 133,34 Kb
19 requests

Since Cloudflare has 193 severs for mirroring, why doesn’t my website load in 350 mS everywhere in the world?
Or at least maximum 500 mS?

Who can help me achieve this please?
WP rocket activated, cashing expire headers and cashing time 4 days.

Thanks very much in advance!

You’re wanting to improve TTFB and as such this guide I wrote explains how to utilise Cloudflare to do such Improving Time To First Byte (TTFB) With Cloudflare

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