How to link my domain name with cloudflare on my vps on contabo

hello, I have my domain name on cloudflare I would like to link it to my vps at contabo, what should I do?
i would like to use certbot for my ssl!

Do you mean Certbot on your server? If certbot isn’t working on your server, Cloudflare can generate a certifcate you should be able to install:

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yes, i know but i can’t connect my cloudflare domain name to my vps!
here is the error message i have:
Problem binding to port 80: Could not bind to IPv4 or IPv6.

Cloudflare starts with basic DNS. You need DNS “A” records that point to the IP address of your server.

Hello sir thank you for your quick response ! I can’t find the cname of my hosting

That looks like an error on your server.

You don’t need a CNAME for a VPS. Just the “A” records in your picture should work. And the MX record. (make sure that the “A” record for ‘mail’ is toggled to :grey: instead of :orange:)

i did what i asked but now i have this error message!

Challenge failed for domain
http-01 challenge for
Cleaning up challenges
Some challenges have failed.


There are other messages here about using Let’s Encrypt.

i don’t know why it’s nto working i will give up for tonight !

I forgot the link to other messages:

Hi now i found this for the DNS Zone Management

Your NameServers are at CloudFlare so you now need to manage your domain at CloudFlare, not at Contabo.

Like @sdayman already told, this is the tutorial how to create and manage DNS Entries at CloudFlare:

In your CloudFlare Dashboard you simply add an A-record with the right IP and the rest is up to your Server setup. But its not up to Contabos DNS management anymore.

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