How to link domain + hosting + cloudflare?

How to link domain + hosting + cloudflare?
I have everything from different sites, for example, I bind hosting to a domain by registering an NS, but when I want to bind a domain on the cloudflare, it also requires registering my NS servers on the domain. How to be? and how to make all 3 work together?
I can’t simultaneously register the cloudflare and hosting NS in 1 domain.

You can’t use a NS record to route through Cloudflare. You need to set your domain’s name servers to the two Cloudflare assigned to you. This is done at your domain registrar.

Then you use Cloudflare DNS to point your domain to a specific IP address (“A” record) or CNAME.

You would only use a NS record at Cloudflare if you need to use different name servers for a subdomain. In my case, I just add more “A” or CNAME records for my subdomains.

Is there some service that’s requiring you to use NS records?

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