How to link cloudflare wordpress plugin with subdomain

I just started using Cloudflare and realized it just worked for main domain only.
My domain is , however our business main domain is currently

Is this possible we change this to subdomain?

From your topic title, may I ask why you cannot use Cloudflare for WordPress plugin on your sub-domain, if so?

Therefore, from the post information as far as I understand, in short answer - I hope yes.

Two ways:

  1. Move your wanted content to the considered sub-domain (and re-check for the URLs)
  2. Keep it as is, but configure few things at Cloudflare dashboard

For 2nd option, in any case if missing something, a good way to re-check:

  1. You would need to create a new DNS A type record and point it to the correct hosting IP address on the DNS tab at Cloudflare dashboard
  2. You would need to make sure you have a propper and valid SSL certificate which covers both your main domain and your sub-domain
  3. You would need to setup a redirection using Cloudflare Page Rules

Here are few useful tutorials:

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