How to link a webhosting with the domain registered by Cloudflare as a registrar

I had transferred and renewed the domain with Cloudflare registrar but now unable to link it with any webhosting as every webhosting provides a nameserver which needs to be updated at registrar’s end, and I cant see any such option in cloudflare’s domain panel. As a result domain is just idle can someone please guide me how to link it with namecheap’s webhosting?

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It is not possible to change nameservers on any domains that use Cloudflare registrar. Cloudflare offers at-cost domain registration as an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers.

That is actually not the traditional way to setup hosting. It is typical to create the required DNS records yourself. Your various service providers, such as hosting and email, should have IP addresses and any other details required to create the DNS records you need.

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