How to link a domain name to your mediawiki using cloudflare?

Hello! I did claim a domain name and I am trying to link to a mediawiki server (which I installed already) but I am trying to link the domain with the link (I especially struggle with the records to add as I have no clue on what to add).

Do you have an idea?


Hello there!

Can you give more context here?

What’s the domain, and what is the error that you are seeing?

I can recommend you to have a look here:

If it can be the same issue that you are facing!

Take Care!

Hello Andy,

Hello, the main issue I have right now is that I don’t know what kind of records to add to Cloudflare once I added the website. I hope it helps

Essentially, you need to point your host ip to Cloudflare. Here’s the guide:

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