How to know when the SSL Certificate expires and how to renew it?

Hello Support team,

Before, my company asked an agent to setup our website to be secured. They purchased a SSL Certificate for our website and did not show us how to renew it.
Now I access our billing and could not find how to renew the SSL Certificate, I think it is going to expire this year.

Could you please let me know where I can look into our billing and renew our plan in Cloudflare?

Thank you.

You don’t need to renew Cloudflare issued certificates, that happens automatically.

If you are using Custom certificates you have to manage those yourself directly with your Certificate Authority, and upload them on the dashboard. I don’t know if Cloudflare start to alert close to expiry of Custom Certificates, that situation has never happened to me. I know they alert very regularly if they have an issue renewing a certificate (such as when you allow a domain to expire!).

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