How to know if my website is still propagating?

I changed my nameservers to Cloudflare and since them my website load the first page but once I log in I get a 404 error.

Thanks in advanced

Hello there,

You can check your site propagation update here:

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Hi Neiljay,

But how to know when is completed? What have to show there to know that is done and my 404 error is because of another issue and not because propagation?


In the DNS checker page, enter your site, select A record (by default is set) and search. If the site is propagated, it will show as resolved if not Not resolved. You can see in the map. (All GREEN)

It shows all green. Any idea what could be the 404 error?


what’s the site?

allrecargas dot com

but if I use this whatsmydns I get some reds

I request you to delete that information. That would violate the forum

Sorry, first time. Didn’t know.

I see that. Have a question: How many A records have you pointed? There are at the moment, three A records that’s bit confusing me. May I request you to cross-check again from the host?

I’ll tell you just what I did. Yesterday around 4pm EST I got 2 nameservers from Cloudflare and changed them on Hostgator. I removed the old ones and put the new ones. That was all.

I double checked around 8pm EST and the site was completely down. Now at least load the first page.
But you put the credentials show the 404 error

It means you’ve three A record and that you added it in Cloudflare. If that’s so, no issue.

I see that page. It loads the login form without CSS. The error page I see. It’s not logging in. It may be there’s no direction after the logging in or the page url is wrong. Else, its good!

I contacted hostgator support and they told me yesterday that was something wrong with .htaccess, but today they said that .htaccess is correct. So, I dont know what’s going on.

You can debug it and fix it. It does not seem to be the hostgator problem instead a code.

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My developer said that it looks like no directions after login, same what you said

If I put the old namerservers back. Doing this can I fix the issue or this is something to be fixed by developer?

You need a help from Developer.


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