How to know if cloudflare is conneted?

How to know whether a certain website is using Cloudflare or not?

See if the domain/hostname uses nameservers ending, resolves to a Cloudflare IP address or returns “server: cloudflare” in the headers.
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I don’t understand where to check nameservers. Could you please check this site and tell me if it is registered in Cloudflare? Thanks in Advance

You could also just press F12 in your Browser to open the Dev Tools and then have a look at this menu. This is not a 100% guarantee, as people could theoretically put fake Cloudflare headers on their site, but it’s probably good enough if you just want to know if a random site is using Cloudflare or not.

If it says server: Cloudflare and contains Cf-Cache-Status and Cf-Ray, the site is probably using Cloudflare.

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Thanks, it helped a lot. I got it now.

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