How to know if Cloudflare has connection issues to my server?

Is there any way I can see if any of the Cloudflare’s servers has any kind of connection issues to my root server?
For example, my host server somehow blocks the IP of the one of the Canadian servers. How can I find out that 1 server has connection issues, while others work fine?

Thanks in advance

Are you looking for an answer to the question: “How do I try a mock request from ALL Cloudflare’s datacenters (all 165 of them…) to my specific site, to see if it’s successful?” I personally did not see an option like that anywhere (that doesn’t say one doesn’t exist…)

Generally “the Internet” is responsible to get your traffic to your site. You wouldn’t ask the same question for any of the other billions of Internet-connected hosts, right? Even though they’re likely much more poorly connected (likely Cloudflare peers with Tier-1s and more)

If however you’re asking if a particular data center now has an issue reaching you, how you’ll know? Probably your users will have to complain somehow: and Cloudflare will tell them that the issue is between Cloudflare and your server - a diagram will be shown that looks like this:

Your Browser -> Cloudflare (Data Center Name) -> Your Host
(working) ----------- (working) ------------ (unreachable)

And if they get nothing at all, that means they can’t get to Cloudflare’s data center.

There’s no such tool to check. If there’s a connection issue, you probably will see some HTTP errors like 522.
If you are familiar with monitoring software like Nagios or Icinga you could check for those errors. If there’s a http response with 522 you will get alerted. But you would need servers around the world or at least in those countries you want to ensure that your site is reachable from those locations.

There may also be cloud services offering those status checks, idk.

You could ping Cloudflare IPs or curl your domain from your server as well but since it’s an anycast network you would always hit the DC next to yours.

Like others have mentioned there is no tool that allows you to check from Cloudflare’s data centers, I suggest to look at your web-server logs for clues. You could try to request the site from multiple locations and look at the status code, it should be 200 OK

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Hi guys, thank you all for your answers.
@shimi, Mocking a request from all datacenters would actually be really useful tool.
But I was thinking more about a status page in Cloudflare dashboard, where you would see how many times it happened that a client got a 522 response (connection issues with root server) and in which regions and centers. So you can start checking if your webhost blocked IP of this data center (as a lot of users are on shared hosting plans and can’t modify the rules themselves).

@publicarray, Thank you for this tool, this is actually quite close to what I need.

I can somehow see your point (though, if your webhost blocks any traffic from any of Cloudflare’s IP ranges, effectively blocking a service that helps THEM getting less abuse - they’re not doing something very smart, and maybe you want another web host) - though since you do not control the IPs CF originate from, and your webhost, to your words, does whatever they want - what will it help to know… if there’s nothing you can do about it? And if they do listen to you – just tell them to never block the IP ranges listed in and that’s it…

CF actually do provide you with their logs (not exactly a dashboard, but you can have them processed and do your own), but to my knowledge only on the super expensive Enterprise plan… (maybe they also have a dashboard for 522’s on that plan; I don’t know if the list of what’s included in the plan is exhaustive)

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