How to know if A record is propagated?


I have a Siteground hosting and added a staging2 and A record.

How do I check if it has been successful?

When Cloudflare is the NS does it also control the DNS for that domain?


here is the domain


Both records exist, however the “www” one won’t work - on HTTPS at least - as you need a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare for that.

Yes, of course. That is the whole point.

OK, I get the www; thing so since it should not affect tit, but I cannot resolve after all this time. Is there anything anything else I have to do on CF side apart from enabling SSL?

If you cannot resolve it yet, that will be most likely a DNS propagation issue. Either wait a couple of hours or try to force your local resolver to update.

As long as you have a valid certificate on your server, it should work. However you will also need the dedicated certificate if you want to use www.

I understand the dedicated certificate for www, but that’s not necessary for a simple staging site.

How do you force the local resolver to update?

Sorry for my ignorance, but I have been shielded by manager hosts for years and now I am learning fast :wink:

That depends on your local resolver. If it is your router you could simply reboot it.

Thank you for your quick response. I will try all that and wait.

Hi Sandro,
Can you confirm that this is a valid url once it has propagated?

It loads fine

However it redirects to www, which won’t work right now.

As long as opens page without www is fine.

Would I be better off removing it and just creating a temporary domain on Siteground and deploy to the final domain without all this waiting?


That is the point. It redirects to You need to fix this on your server.

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