How to know Cloudflare WordPress plugin is working?

Sometimes it seems like Cloudflare plugin not working on my WordPress site. Is the there any way I can confirm that it’s working on my site? Is there any HTTP header for that?

I’m asking this because I’m seeing an error at bottom when I open the plugin settings page, screenshot:


If you are running Cloudflare plugin version 3.8.2 or higher, you should see a header CF-Edge-Cache with a value of either no-cache or cache,platform=WordPress. on your front end.

You mean your Website loads slow or you think the cache is not working as supposed to?

Have you clicked on something and got this error or somehow else it has shown up?

As far as I have check, your Website returns HTTP headers for HTML Webpages:

cf-apo-via: origin, no-cache
cf-cache-status: bypass
cf-edge-cache: cache, platform=wordpress
cf-railgun: direct (waiting for pending wan connection)
pragma: no-cache
x-proxy-cache: miss
x-procy-cache-info: skip_cache_no_cache

For static files like CSS, JS, etc.:
cf-cache-status: HIT

The difference could be regarding the html pages because of Dynamic vs. Static cache on Cloudflare, which you can set to cache “Everything”, but hopefully you need to setup your Page Rules if you want to use that and there could pop-up some more issues if not configured correctly.

You are also using APO for WordPress, and some other options like Railgun, etc.

Moreover, as far as I see you are using Jetpack?, because your static files are served via domain.

It shows when I open the settings page, I can navigate through settings without problems.

Have you tried to “logout” or re-authorise again with your Global API key?

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