How to keep load balanced wordpress sites in sync


I have a copy of my site on server “A” and I migrated a copy of my site to “B”

I can setup the load balancer just fine and it works nice. But how do I keep both the sites in sync when I make changes? Thats the problem for me

If I make a change to posts, settings, plugins ect how do these get replicated on both servers?

I cannot find this answer

I found some plugins like WP Synchro but this is no good to me. As I only want one server push or pull. But as soon as that happens. the second server will just end up with plugin setting value I dont want on the second wordpress install on server B

So. How is this done?

Good question, but Cloudflare isn’t the tool for syncing servers. Best bet is to check WordPress forums or


You’re right, Cloudflare is not the tool.

I don’t know your level of technical expertise, but first of all, you need to make sure your two WP servers share only a single MySQL database. If you’re trying to sync databases on two servers, that’s a whole different conversation. You also need to make sure both servers use the same session storage (which can be handled by MySQL).

You can sync files using a tool like rsync. There are also several other file sync utilities that run on Linux. I haven’t worked on Wordpress in a long time, but you could probably set things up to copy the important files from your “master” to the “slave” server.

If you’ve never done anything like this before, I would advise finding someone with experience who has. Mirroring the files on server is fairly common, but it’s not as simple as it might seem.

Well that;s a real shame

There goes my idea of brining my origin servers closer to end users in two seperate locations.

I had it up ad running, it was great! but then came the wordpress install sync problems. If it was just a static site it would have worked like a charm! But seeing I update the site every day looks like c/f load balancer is useless to me. That toally sucks.

This actually brings up a massive product oppertunity for Cloudflare. If they could actually lauch a managed solution to Wordpress website load balancing and geo traffic steering in a simple to use product it would be massive.

There are litterally thousands of people online, forums, ect ect wanting to deploy such a soluton, however the methods are much too hard for most, such as aws and it’s litesale. But even that soltuon is stupid hard because documentation shows only how to setup a new site, Not a well established one.

If Cloudflare could bring out such an out of the box solution for established wordpress sites, maybe some kind of plugin that assists with the whole process. This product/solution woud absoulty fly off the shelves as a best seller for sure! It would also beat cPanel as they have still yet to come up with a product to load balance two cPanel hositng accounts. Millions have been screaming out for this for years.

Highly suggest c/f look deeply into an out of the box Wordpress site load balancing solution including sync. You only need to search Google and find the thousands of people who want to do this.

Yes of course, these days hositng accounts are powerful enough with CDNs and onsite optiisations however, there are many other use cases for it. Such as the abilty to bring origin servers closer to users for uncached content and SEO benifiets also such as server locations and rank.

Huge product. No one has brought out a simple solution, Google Cloud??? Forget it! Way too complicated and messy for the average person. Setting up a single wordpress install is hard enough on that platform.

The first to finally bring out a simple solution will dominate the wordpress load balancing world.

I am not trying to sync servers. Just two Wordpress sites.

That’s the same thing in this context and @sdayman’s response is spot on here. I am afraid this is not a subject for the forum here.


Thanks for your comments.

As Cloudflare has a load balancing option, and I could get this working but found no options to keep the sites in sync. I think this was the correct place to ask this technical question in the case there was Cloudflare documention I could not find about how to complete the senarios.

Thanks anyway

If you have a load balancing question, then yes, absolutely. But your question is not about load balancing but how to synchronise two Wordpress sites and that’s not Cloudflare related. If you have a load balancing specific question, please post that question in #performance, but again, it should not be about Wordpress. Anything Wordpress related should be discussed in the forums mentioned by sdayman.