How to join beta test for O2O?


This can be improved by an experimental feature called Orange-to-Orange (O2O) from the Cloudflare Edge team. O2O allows one zone on Cloudflare to CNAME to another zone, and apply the settings of both zones in layers. For example, has Always Use HTTPS turned off for various reasons, which means that every site served through our gateway also does. O2O allows site owners to override this setting by enabling Always Use HTTPS just for their website, if they know it’s okay, as well as adding custom Page Rules and Worker scripts to embed all sorts of complicated logic.

This is a feature we really need enabled but I don’t see an option on my dashboard to join beta test for O2O. Is it possible for my account to be included in the O2O beta test? Thanks!

Hi @user16555,

The blog does say:

If you are on an Enterprise plan and would like to try this out on your domain, please reach out to your account team with this request

Are you on Enterprise? If not, perhaps @thibault1 can let us know if there will be an O2O self-serve option?

Hey @domjh, thanks for the response. We are not on Enterprise. Since the post is from 2019, is it still the case today that only Enterprise customers can have this additional feature?

I believe O2O in general is still Enterprise only, but I could be wrong.

Cc @smarsh

Ah I see. We might need to get on Enterprise then. Thanks!

No problem. If you do consider Enterprise, make sure you talk to them about your O2O requirements because I’m not sure what is available even there.

Hi all, happy new year. I look after O2O so happy to answer any Q’s.

One from me; which Cloudflare zone are you looking to proxy traffic to?


Hi @smarsh, we are looking to proxy to and need to set up url rewrites and FATF country blocks

We dont allow O2O to Thats an old blog and is out of date, it appears. I would suggest raising a Feature Request along the lines of “Ability to configure {features here} on traffic to my IPFS Gateway”.

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Why isn’t allowed to be proxied even with an Enterprise plan?

@smarsh I could be wrong here but it looks like has as CNAME and they’re able to do url rewrites (any path maps back to index.html). The uniswap domain nameservers are cloudflare. Do you know how it’s possible to do url rewrites without O2O like how uniswap is doing it? We’re trying to achieve the same thing. Thanks!

Hi @user16555,

To be able to cover non existing or other paths, setup a worker on the client side to proxy requests. That is the current recommendation until we officially support O2O for IPFS, which is definitely on the roadmap.


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