How to issue a Cloudflare certificate for Infinityfree hosting?

I tried to install a certificate on the hosting and I get an error - the certificate does not belong to the domain

how to issue a certificate correctly?

I see that Let’s Encrypt in the browser contains a * .domain

maybe due to the fact that Cloudflare creates certificates in this way, which is why my zosting does not recognize them?

Double check the cert at Certificate Decoder - Decode certificates to view their contents
By default, Origin certs include and * (your domain). That should be sufficient, unless the site is deeper than one subdomain: *

I am using the certificate from point 4 of the manual

That is the certificate root/chain. It’s required in some cases, but not always and it will almost always be a separate requirement/field.

You need to issue one for your domain following that guide.

does not accept - the certificate is not for the domain, the Cloudflare certificate is seen :frowning:

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