How to integrate with Cloudflare for custom domains for third-party customers?


I’m working on a small app that provides a custom page for each user’s projects. I want to add the possibility for them to use custom domains.

The podcast site offers a similar feature and, apparently, they have a form that lets users sign up to Cloudflare directly just using a domain name and a password. That’s pretty cool and I would like to implement something similar.

  • Is this actually an acceptable integration to create Cloudflare user accounts like this?
  • If so, is there a specific endpoint I should use for this (like for affiliate signups only)?
  • Or would the canonical way be to do this all manually, i.e. call the Cloudflare API to create the user, then to add the URL and finally to configure DNS records for them?

Thanks! :blush:

This specific feature (in the elegant way as you described in your third point) is available but sadly only for enterprise customers -

The looks to be a partner setup (maybe) which is this form - - but that setup isn’t great for people with existing domains and I’m not 100% sure they’re using this integration.

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This makes sense if I want to use SSL. What about setting up a DNS record for a customer without SSL support? While not ideal, would this be possible?

That’s possible, their domain doesn’t have to be https, but CF issues SSL both almost instantly and for free for the CNAME’d domains so your customers don’t have to worry about it.

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Ok, great, thanks.

My main concern is to make the set-up and configuration process as easy as possible for novice users, who do want their own domain, but do not have the experience or expertise managing their own DNS.