How to install your own SSL Certificate

Good afternoon people,

I am having difficulty installing an SSL certificate on my server. It’s not working right.
I thought about installing the ssl certificate on cloudflare, is that possible. If yes, how should I do it?

Thank you for your help

Cloudflare auto generates an SSL certificate between users and Cloudflare. You need to install the SSL certificate so that SSL works between Cloudflare and your server. If your site is going to only connect to Cloudflare, then you can use an Origin CA certificate.

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I need to install a different certificate than the one generated by cloudflare, a certificate that I already have the .crt and .Key, but I don’t know where I can install this certificate in cloudflare. This certificate didn’t work very well on the server, so I want to install it on cloudflare.

There is no place to install that cert on cloudflare, you’d need to have your hosting provider assist you in using that on your origin server. Once you have that, set TLS/SSL to Full (strict),

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Even with the paid option, Advanced Certificate Manager is not allowed?

You can upload your own certificate if you have at least a business plan.

But why would you want to do that?

You still need to install a certificate on your own server, and uploading your certificate to Cloudflare does not help you with this.

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It is a specific need for the client to use a specific certificate. Using Cloudflare itself, it would be easier to install than using the server. We tried to install it on Plesk, but it is not recognized.

You will still need a certificate on the server to secure the traffic between it and Cloudflare.

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