How to Install Wildcard SSL in my Multisite?



Hi, after I setup CloudFlare SSL, it “seems” covered both of my and *
But when I check my subdomain, for example: , it always showing “not secure”.
Also, in my Wordpress dashboard, I am using “Really Simple SSL”, and it says, I don’t have wildcard SSL installed, why is that? Which I set it wrong?

-Cloud Plan: Free, with Universal SSL
-Domain: (primary site, multisite) and * (wildcard subdomain)
-Wordpress Plugin: Really Simple SSL

more info in the cloudflare dashboard:
-Created SSL cert and key via Origin CA
-set to Flexible SSL
-Page rule set to always https with * and

Anyone could help this out?


The Cloudflare certificate does cover * and the origin cert does as well. However you need a DNS record for each subdomain in the DNS tab if your Cloudflare dashboard set to :orange: for the SSL to work on that subdomain. You can’t proxy a wildcard record on the free plan.

Also if you have installed the origin certificate, you should change your SSL mode from Flexible to Full (strict).


Thanks for the reply, domjh

Based on your suggestion I add a CNAME record for one of my testing
It’s still showing not secure for now, should I wait like 24h till the change taking effect?



That subdomain looks to me to be set to :grey:, it should be set to :orange: for SSL to work.


in the attached image is my current setting, not sure if I did it right.


The name should be book14 and it should be pointing to the server hosting the subdomain.


like this one?
(more info: is generated from multisite, not from Cpanel)


If should be the target according to your host… I somehow doubt it…

Is it hosted in the same place as the root domain? If so, it should probably point to the same place.


my host is hostgator, the root domain should be And this is hosting in the same place.
(I guess so, because when I sign up the hostgator at very first time is using, then I add later on as add-on domain)


So the subdomain should probably be pointing to the same place. i.e. if you have an A record for pointing to, you should create an A record under for book14 pointing to

If you are unsure, check the record with your host.


ok, I will find out.
Thanks for your patiently help, domjh! :slightly_smiling_face:


No problem!