How to install TLS/SSL on XAMPP

How on earth do I install the public and private key that Cloudflare gives me to encrypt traffic between Cloudflare and my origin Server.


Google can probably point you in the right direction for installing certs on XAMPP.

If google had the answer I wouldn’t be asking here. Only instructions I can find are for .crt files. and .ca-bundles.

No offence, but are you suggesting there is not a single site out there where someone explains how to configure a certificate on Apache and which hasn’t be indexed by Google? That would be rather unlikely I’d assume.

Anyhow, server administration is unfortunately somewhat beyond the scope of the forum and if you need assistance StackExchange would be better suited for that question.

And yes, Cloudflare provides standard PEM files.

If you’re able to find a cloudflare specific certificate installation guide somewhere on the internet, you’re amazing. Nonetheless, I’ll take your advice and head back to SE.

As I mentioned, nothing about these certificates is Cloudflare specific. They are standard PEM files and can be handled like any other certificate. All you might have to take into consideration is possibly their own root certificate, a search for that will also quickly reveal the appropriate link.

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PEM is the name for a format for encoding certificate information. Common file extensions for PEM files are .pem, .crt, .cert and .key. Some CAs provide their intermediate and root chains in a file called .ca-bundle. They are all essentially the same format, and any instructions you have found that refer to .crt or .ca-bundle can be used.

The essential element is that SSLCertificateFile points at the file with the certificate, and SSLCertificateKeyFile points at the private key file. The file extension can be .anything-you-like.

If you open a PEM file in a text editor it will start with -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- or -----BEGIN EC PRIVATE KEY----- or similar text. There are other certificate formats, but with Apache PEM is the one you need.

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