How to install my dedicated SSL certificate?



A couple of days ago I upgraded my SSL certificate to a paid for Cloudflare dedicated certificate. Within my Cloudflare panel, it shows I have an active certificate, but when visiting the site (, its showing it as not private/secure. Please can you help? Do I need to install the new certificate somewhere? My server is hosted with Digital Ocean.

I’m clearly not a tech guy. :wink:


Can you go to the DNS panel in your Cloudflare Dashboard and orange-cloud :orange: the A record. You get the error since the root domain still points to your origin server that uses an expired Let’s Encrypt certificate.

The www subdomain serves Cloudflare Dedicated SSL, but since visitor are redirected to the root domain, they see the error being served.


Bingo, that did it! Many thanks for your help.


Hello. I have a similar question here. When I try to buy a Dedicated SSL Certificate I get the following message: “You do not have any Dedicated SSL Certificates or Dedicated SSL Certificates with Custom Hostnames.”.
You know what is the solution for this problem?


There appears to be an issue right now that our engineers are investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience. Stay tuned!